Social responsibility supports the idea that society must live with the impacts of its businesses

As such, companies are more than simply cash machines for their owners. They are also gathering places where employees spend a significant amount of their waking lives, developing relationships and deriving benefits to support their families.

Companies are not just buildings and plants, but institutions that fuel the conversations and debates of local restaurants and churches. They fill city coffers with tax revenues, streets with traffic, and landscapes with buildings and monuments. They consume electricity, fuel and water. They sponsor little league teams, food drives, and walks for cures and causes.

Sustainable companies are those that recognize their social responsibility, act accordingly, and as a result garner support for the ultimate benefits they provide. Their corporate cultures link their operations to the human beings that have a stake in them. At Drake Cement, we acknowledge our impact on the world around us and recognize that our ability to operate successfully is inherently connected to our performance as a responsible corporate citizen.

Sustainability: Economy, Environment, Society

As a natural resource company, we must measure our performance by more than the traditional bottom line. At Drake Cement, we judge success by the triple bottom line of economic, environmental, and social performance.

This philosophy acknowledges that profit is a valid pursuit which, in fact, motivates people to create value with the most efficient use of finite resources. Unprofitable companies cannot pay taxes or wages, cannot support local businesses or local communities. A business that cannot succeed financially has no other business.

At the same time, companies do have responsibilities beyond pure profit. Every company impacts the environment, and every company impacts the lives of people in and around it. At Drake Cement, we believe that an organization embracing the triple bottom line can, and should, be rewarded with the best economic bottom line.

Yes, we dig materials out of the ground, we use energy to process them, and we distribute the finished products over rail and roads. These activities have an impact, as does every human activity. At Drake Cement, we believe firmly that our impacts, weighed fairly against the benefits of what we produce, are distinctly positive. This is by design: in the makeup of our plant and in the way our products are among the most durable, flexible and widely-used building materials in the world.

we acknowledge our impact on the world around us, and we recognize that our ability to operate successfully is inherently connected to our performance as a responsible corporate citizen.

Community Support

Team members of the Drake Companies believe deeply in being active, visible and generous supporters of the communities in which we live and work. We entertain all reasonable requests for assistance, but based on our culture of Safety, Excellence, Respect, and Value we especially focus our giving on areas which emphasize the following:

Safety and Health


Of local residents, schools, and plant and animal life in areas in which we do business;



In the Sciences and Natural Resource areas to promote future generations of practical and compassionate solvers of the world's problems;

Environmental Stewardship


In promotion and protection of land, air and water for responsible use both now and in the future

concrete solutions


Projects or causes that can benefit from, and demonstrate, the unique value of concrete and other cement-based products;

Energy Efficiency & Conservation


Providing access to reliable and sustainable sources of energy while minimizing the costs and impacts of its production and delivery;



For our team members to be actively involved and receive the personal benefits of being part of something genuinely good.

If you, or an organization you know of, have a request for assistance, please share some information with us through the form provided. We make every effort to support worthy causes, but we do have finite resources. The Drake Community Relations Team will review your request and is committed to responding to every inquiry in a timely manner.